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Our Founder

Through the direct leadership of our Founder, we work to effect change in the community through our international initiatives.


Our executive leadership consists of an international body of over 50 individuals who work collectively  to positively influence the downtrodden communities with our community programs such as our national homeless feedings, domestic violence awareness, and elder care initiatives.  Additionally, our members volunteer as pen pals to prisoners who are in need of guidance. One of our major programs includes the reduction of recidivism  by the reeducation and empowerment of individuals who demonstrate the desire for a positive change in their lives.


We pride ourselves on being recognized as the global humanitarians. Ultimately, we have a plan to rid the world of the socio-economic issue of homelessness by instituting programs to assist individuals with a new start in life. We have begun effecting change in their lives by offering food and clothing. We have many other plans which include providing shelter and additional resources for the proper guidance and professional treatment options.  Our current works on all of our projects reflect of our plans to:


1.  Foster direct assistance and change in the homeless community.

2.  Develop safe havens for victims of domestic violence.

3.  Convert released prisoners to outstanding citizens in the community.